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08/09/12 09:54 PM #369    


Jon Kriegel


L-R Bryan Bassett, Me, and Roger Earl.   Bryan took over for Rod Price as lead guitarist for many years before and after Rod's death in 2005.  Charlie Huhn (not pictured), formerly of Ted Nugent's band, took over lead vocal and guitar duties for the late, great Lonesome Dave, who died in 2000.  Bryan was excellent, and Charlie was very good, especially on "Terraplane Blues".  Roger told me Charlie was the ONLY guy that could have filled the huge shoes left empty by Dave's early death.  These guys were all great with the fans after the show.  They spent a lot of time taking pics and signing all kinds of stuff, including my entire collection of Foghat vinyl album covers.  Bryan told me a story or two about Rod Price and how the two of them actually toured together in the band at the same time (which I never thought had happened), and  about how Rod had talked him into getting married.  As I was asking Roger about how he played  "Nervous Release" from Boogie Motel with a single bass pedal, Craig chimed in, "I don't think we've ever played that damn thing live.. and probably never will!"   Roger answered a few of my obscure questions about how he did certain things while tracking the drums in the studio back in the 70s, and he actually remembered a few things while sipping on his small glass of red wine LOL!   A great night for a Foghat fan, to be sure!

08/30/12 09:06 AM #370    


Teri Perkins (Frye)

Jon, I sooooo enjoy all your pics from the concerts you attend!   Keep posting....or take me with!!!!  

Hey all, do we REALLY have to wait until 2014 for our next reunion????   Just sayin...

Hope all are well.   Take care 79ers!

08/30/12 02:35 PM #371    


Jon Kriegel


The sold-out MN state fair grandstand was the venue on 8/29.  A truly, very excellent show from both bands.  The grandstand was packed, as were the floor seats.  I was in the patio section, just behind the floor seats, but elevated to stage level. These are great seats, if you get in the first two rows because the walking aisle is in front of row 3 where I was, but still pretty good. The Crue opened, and Kiss was the closer.  This show was worth much more than the $88 top tier face value ticket price the fair charged (single tix were routinely selling for $150 on craigslist, and top tier seats where fetching $400-$500).  This combined show blew the 2012 Van Halen overpriced DLR turd tour way out of the water for half the price.  So many comments overheard on the way out about what a great double show this was.

Motley Crue - Holy shit, what a stage show!  The consensus was that this was basically the same stage show they do in Vegas, and some folks beside me said they were in Vegas to see the show a couple of months ago, and this out-did that slightly.  The Crue entered from the right side of the plaza seating area, and together with a parade of court jesters and their onstage dancers holding MC banners and riding atop the shoulders of stage hands, they walked single file right in front of the patio seats thru the aisle at the back of the main floor chairs, and walked up a stairwell on the left of stage to start the show... hilarious and cool!   Awesome industrial stage set with left and right video screen wings at stage level to make the stage seem wider and the spectacle bigger.  The full-circle rollercoaster track that Tommy's drumkit rides on was on the right half of the stage.  At one point, a fan is strapped into a chair on Tommy's drumkit, and goes along for the ride full circle!  Lots of onstage antics, dancing girls, and a giant blonde Alice In Wonderland character who releases a dominatrix from beneath her skirt at the start of "Same Old Situation".. what's not to love?  Sure, Vince's voice isn't very good, but he tried and it sounded passable.  Mars was spot on, and Nikki's unremarkable bass lines blended into the background as usual.

Rating: 9 out of 10 (for the killer show, energy, and spectacle, not necessarily performance/talent)

KISS - Yep, the same old antics as always, opening with "Detroit Rock City" and flying down out of the light riggins on a steam-breathing platform, Gene's fire breathing to end "Firehouse",  blood-vomiting and bat-flying into the overhead platform to start "God Of Thunder", and Paul Stanley's flying cable act taking him to the back stage behind the mixing board during "Love Gun" (which, fortunately for us, happened to be just to our left).   The projection screen behnd the drumkit was top-notch high-def technology, stage-width to give it that "short, wide, and skinny" look, which was especially cool with all the lightning graphics during "Shock Me".  Paul especially seems the most old and dated these days as he's looking a bit pudgy and his voice just can't hit the high notes or project as he could just 10 years ago.  As for Gene, you'd think he's still in his 30s with his antics and stage presence.  It must be quite a bore for Eric Singer to dumb-down his drum parts for a Kiss show, but he's getting paid well, so he rolls with it.  He does handle lead vocals while drumming during "Black Diamond" al la Peter Criss, so he has some challenge there. The short drum and lead-guitar duet from Singer and Ace fill-in Tommy Thayer was an impressive part of the show, designed no-doubt to give the 63 year old Gene and 60 year old Paul a rest. Fireworks and confetti galore to end the show during "Rock and Roll All Night", of course, and even more state fair fireworks after the show in the left of stage sky.  Overall, a bit of a tired performance (can't the guys just at least try to invent one or two new onstage schticks and antics, in addition to the old, tired favs?  C'mon!), but a great stage show nonetheless. While I think the early 90s version of Kiss with Eric Singer and Bruce Kulick on lead guitar reached their talent and performance pinnacle,  if this was the last time I see Kiss perform live, I'm satisfied.

Rating: 8 out of 10

08/30/12 02:42 PM #372    


Jon Kriegel

Gene displaying his brand-spanking new wedding band on the big screen during the 8/29 concert at the MN state fair, just before banging the 19-year-old midway ring-toss girl backstage during a break in the show.

08/30/12 02:50 PM #373    


Jon Kriegel

"Kiddies.. not only have I been with some of your moms... but I did some of your grandmas, too ! OH YEAH !!"


08/30/12 03:00 PM #374    


Jon Kriegel


"Spencer?  Spencer? ... Has anyone seen Tony Spencer?"


C'mon and SHOCK ME!!   Somewhere, Ace Frehley is rolling over his bottle of cold gin in a drunken stupor.


"Damn... and to think, I skipped the high school marching band pot-luck dinner tonight for this snooze-fest?"


Thank you Minnesota !!  Kiss Loves You!! Good Night  !!!

08/31/12 09:22 AM #375    


Teri Perkins (Frye)

Great pics again, Jon.  Did you get any of the Crue????   I love me some Tommy and Nikki!!!     Not sure why, but i always seem to go for the bad boys...even at this ripe old age!  hahahaha

09/04/12 12:44 AM #376    


Jon Kriegel

Ask, and ye shall recieve....

The Motley Crue concert of 8/29/12 at the MN state fair grandstand.  In case anyone is wondering, the Crue is one of those new bands that debuted in about 1982, well after you had worn out your "REO Speedwagon Live" vinyl double album.  Vince Neil is now 51 years old.  My, how time flies, and it flew in the 80s....

Hey.. .wait a minute, mom.... this doesn't look like Adventureland !!


Yes, he has his own TATTOO-CAM !!  Deal with it.


"Damn.. the smell of the Pronto-Pup that dude in the front row is holding is DRIVING ME CRAZY !! "


Nobody in the road crew had any idea that the fan selected to be strapped into the guest chair on Tommy's drumkit and go for the roller-coaster ride had actually stopped in Mtown on the way to the show and choked down five extra-wet Maid-rites and an Uncle Jack's bean burrito.   It wasn't pretty.


Everyone from Marshalltown knew in an instant how Andrea and Ginger had been spending their summer.


Oh, I get it now... I was confused by the home movie with Pam... Tommy is actually a classically trained PIANIST !


Sometime during the encore, JK was overcome with a flash-back to one special weekend in 1978 at the El-Ranko motel with Ronda and Renae.   God Bless the U.S.A. !!


The 1978-79 Bobcat Marching Band takes it's final bow following their last performance at Franklin Field.


That's right.  They care enough to give their fans a special, customized message from a powerpoint slide with a "fill in the state" dialog box on a roadie's laptop.   I wept like a school-girl.

04/15/13 12:38 PM #377    

John Bain

So with all due respect to Lane Williams and his famous basketball Doppelgänger, does Blake Griffin remind anyone else of Dean Fogarty? Blake's leaping ability may exceed Dean's, but they both display that smooth "moving faster that it looks" athleticism.


04/15/13 01:09 PM #378    


Dean Fogarty

Gee - I did not even have to pay Dr. John Bain for that comment!!  I'm not very athletic at the prime age of 52 but I am love'n life!

08/25/13 08:54 PM #379    

Larry Yee

Hi, Everyone!!!  I should have put this Alan Parsons Live Project concert picture up earlier -- this was a snapshot with Alan Parsons here at the Talking Stick Resort on June 6, 2013.  That was a fantastic concert!  I have a few videos but most of them turned out blurred doggoneit!!!  Otherwise it was personally memorable for the great live music!

(No I don't know the people behind me but there was a long line to get autographs and pictures!!!!)

02/06/14 09:30 PM #380    


Jon Kriegel

The games people play to be the eye in the sky at an Alan Parsons concert!  Nice pic, Larry!

02/20/14 09:06 AM #381    


Kari Hennis (Riemenschneider)

AS we get older our parents do too, just wanted the class to know we lost a great refined lady this week and Marshalltown will be missing a very classy lady, and one of our classmates Mom, Jeff MIller lost his Mom Janet this week. My prayers go out to him and his family...she will be greatly missed.

04/10/14 05:49 PM #382    


Barb Drumm (Ramirez)

Kari, are there any plans for a 35 year reunion? Some of our classmates were asking.

04/11/14 01:55 PM #383    


Kari Hennis (Riemenschneider)

Yup Donna Buchwald and Carol Harsha are hard at work planning one...August 9 at Jax's Supper Club in Marshalltown on Lincoln is on the home page under the announcements..Keep watching for more details


05/23/14 06:42 AM #384    

Teresa Mulvihill

Congratulations to the Honorable John Haney on becoming a judge!!  What an accomplishment.  It must have been many years of hard work and dedication.  Well done!  We're proud of you.

08/20/14 12:26 PM #385    


Teri Perkins (Frye)

Any pics from the 35 year class reunion?????  Please share, if you have some.  Thanks.

04/08/15 03:39 PM #386    

John Bain

Hey, I will be visiting Iowa the week of April 22-26 with my 7 year old son (wife and daughter staying home this trip). I will be spending some time in Des Moines, but should get to Marshalltown on the 22nd and/or 23rd. It has been years since I have been to town. It would be fun to know who is living there and maybe see some old friends. Let me know the best places to eat. 


John Bain

05/20/15 01:39 PM #387    


Kari Hennis (Riemenschneider)

Lisa Marie Grabenbauer, 54, of Marshalltown, passed away on Tuesday, May 19, 2015 at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Funeral services for Lisa will be held on Monday, May 25, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. at St Mary’s Catholic Church in Marshalltown. Visitation will be held Sunday, May 24, 2015 from 5:00 p.m. until 7:00 p.m. with a rosary to follow at the Mitchell Family Funeral Home in Marshalltown. Burial will take place on Tuesday, May 26, 2015 at 1:00 p.m. at Riverside Cemetery in Marshalltown. Memorials may be directed to the family. For more information or to send a condolence; please visit or call 641-844-1234. Mitchell Family Funeral Home is caring for Lisa and her family.


03/14/19 07:32 AM #388    


Andy Schwake

Greetings Class of '79,

After a long hiatus on this thread and my absence, let's breath some life into this shall we? I will be attending the reunion if you GAFF and looking forward to it. I may get a t-shirt made for the mixer that says: "Who are all you old f*#kers" LOL, jk ... (mehbe) ;-)

Jon K., I miss living vicariously through your rockin habits! Never to let you down, some notables I've been to see; the Moody Blues at the Hollywood Bowl backed by the LA Philharmonic (mind boggling studio sound); Alan Parsons at the Phx Symphony Hall (w/ Kansas BTW). Most recently, Styx (2017) a free military appreciation concert after the TaxSlayer Bowl in JAX, FL. Tommy Shaw sounded as good as ever! Bob Seger is playing that same quaint venue (5k seat amphitheater) in a couple months on his farewell tour.

Lastly, we've lost many friends! It is sad, but I prefer the better memories and celebrations of having known so many good individuals. In our class, as well as, before and after us. Since the last reunion, y'all almost lost me twice to "dances with the devil" as my daughter puts it. A hemmoragic brain stem stroke in 2012 and a ruptured appendix w/ complications. I retired in 2015 and remarried in 2016 (last time ;-) ) I swear! So, I AM looking forward to this reunion. Hope y'all are too? See you then!



03/17/19 09:40 AM #389    


Jon Kriegel

Good to see you are still alive and kickin' Andy!  Hope to see ya this summer my friend.

08/06/19 04:51 PM #390    

Lane Williams

Been gone awhile, just checking to see if this is working correctly before I comment on the 40th reunion. 

08/06/19 05:13 PM #391    

Lane Williams

Will see if anyone responds to this.... It was fantastic seeing everyone that made it to the 40th reunion.  It was just a complete pleasure talking to everyone that I got around to.  I only wish I had more time to say hello to everyone, so I'm saying it now.  Hello, Good to see you!  If Doby and I did not get the opportunity to chat then I apologize and hope we can next time.  

It all was fun.  I only have one grievance or subject of discussion I would like your input on.  I will not mention his name but his initials are V.F. and is married to the formerly known as L.J. ...... We started a conversation about Taylor's Maidrites.  I, Doby and L.F (formerly known as L. J.) all agreed that there shall be no ketchup on a maidrite!  V.F. dared to disagree.  Swear words, swear words, swear words!  Upon this relvelation I would suggest V.F. be barred from partisipation in future class reunions.  It just seems unAmerican, or unMarshalltownian to allow ketchup on a maidrite.  Maybe he (V.F.) should go back to where he came from (Missouri) and have all the ketchup on maidrites down there he wants!  BTW "it's not the same" 

I hope you agree with one grievance.  Otherwise it was a beautiful, awesome class reunion.

Thanks to all that were part of the committee.  My appreciation is enormous.  Best Regards!  

08/07/19 07:03 AM #392    

Michael Wright

Thanks to all that put this reunion on and all the time they spent for alll of us to enjoy!!!!!!!!! Had a very good time over the 3-day period. Disappointed on the golfing outing. More effort should have been made instead of forming your on groups, that sucked. And of course others formed there own group. Things will never change on that end. Great job on Thursday-Friday-Saturday nights outing. Thank you all again!!!  MJW 🌈😊<>>


08/07/19 09:15 AM #393    


Kari Hennis (Riemenschneider)

yeah it is working, love seeing the comments..there should not be ketchup offered even in the place, can't beleive someone broke them down. I haven't had one in a while but I know there should be no ketchup. Sure enjoyed seeing everyone, it went by so fast its a blurrr.  At the 50th we were already discussing at our wrap meeting that maybe just doing one big night instead of 2, but you never know. 

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